Where are our childhood dreams?

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In my scattered thoughts , i keep asking myself what happened to dreams we had and shared when with friends and family. The things we loved to do, the things we were passionate about, the things which made us happy. Just the thought of those dreams and aspirations made us complete and fulfilled.

Then boom!!!all of a sudden life set in, Reality hit us hard. Our minds began to wonder. Family said that dream of yours does not pay, it will not put food on your table, or we get married and family responsibilities overwhelm us, the situation of the country and its complexities proved otherwise. Now we have graduated from school and we decide to share our dreams and passions again and our friend laugh at us saying” with that passion of yours will you will remain a poor man”. So we get dissappointed and discouraged and we decide to forget our dreams, our potentials,our aspurations to follow the crowd.

So now we find ourselves doing things which “pay” as they call it. We make good money, we probably have big titles. But!! We are unhappy and unfulfilled.

No amount of money can be compared to the happiness which comes with doing the things you love to do, the things you know how to do, the things which satisfy you,your potential and your mission here on earth. We all have a purpose, a vision and aspirations. Unfortunately the complexities of life just tend to tost us in different directions. But we must be able to come back to that place where we wanted to be. We be able to reconnect to our childhood dreams, to our gifts.
That is where true fulfillment can be found.

Material has been published with Authorization from the Author

Ndah Praise
Author – Ndah Praise Ketu


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